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Deploying Laps and Integrating with SCCM

Here’s a cool guide from System Center Dudes which shows how to implement LAPS and subseqently install the ConfigMgr Add-in.   How to install Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)

Batch File to Executable

Useful Tool for converting batch files to executable.

Broken Applications in Task Sequences

Came across a strange one recently, think it’s relating to W10 1607 and AIK10 for 1607. The issue was similar to below:  The operating system reported error 617: You have attempted to change your...

Removing Built-in apps from Windows 10 WIM-File

After hunting high and low for a script to remove the built-in Windows 10 Applications, which practically any customer who uses Windows 10 Enterprise, doesn’t want, I found and tested a script from Andre...

Best Practices to Capture a Windows 10 Image for Deployment

There’s several Best Practices our there when it comes to Capturing Windows 10 Images. Microsoft released an updated guide titled: “Automate and Manage Windows Operating System Deployments” The page states: Without following Microsoft best...